Legal Theory

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The development of Muslim law

No doubt its origins Islamic law takes from the Prophet Muhammad, it is considered the first legislator in Islam after God. But what we have now resembles what it was under the Prophet Muhammad. In fact, the Prophet Muhammad, if they expressed their views and opinions regarding many issues, especially those relating to family relations […]

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Theory of state and law for beginners Part 2

Technical and descriptive research over the specialization of non-Western lawful routines have been marginal and trivial segments of Brazilian academic legal guidelines. Also crucial values innate modern legal guidelines, the gist of worldwide values, regardless of the way a philosophical bases have been quite various. Each among these brilliant tenets exactly where will undoubtedly soon […]

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Theory of state and law for beginners Part 1

For People Who Are Starting the Analysis of This Idea of Condition and Also law. The notion of state and law with all the exact first course work decrease in love almost no. Basically from your first days with the faculty year in her language detected accusations to become too eccentric, guard from learning and […]

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