Monthly Archives: September 2017

The development of Muslim law

No doubt its origins Islamic law takes from the Prophet Muhammad, it is considered the first legislator in Islam after God. But what we have now resembles what it was under the Prophet Muhammad. In fact, the Prophet Muhammad, if they expressed their views and opinions regarding many issues, especially those relating to family relations […]

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What you need to know to be a good lawyer?

What you need to know and be able to a lawyer? I’ll try to answer this difficult philosophical question. It is terrible when a lawyer is illiterate in writing, expresses his thoughts. Neglect of the rules of the English language can distort the text in any document. In my memory it was the case when two […]

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What is constitutional law? Part 2

Just due to the structure along with also other constitutional authorized acts targeted toward regulation and consolidating perhaps not totally all and perhaps not any societal relation, however, just the ones specify the principal, essential, qualitative bases of society and state, constitutional regulation functions as being a Central, essential and also important the division of […]

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What is constitutional law? Part 1

The arrangement of constitutional laws two. Public connections that modulates the constitutional into the structure of this nation may be that the foundation for most types of legislation, that, according to a groundwork, to support most its component components: Legal standards, lawful sense, Legal Education etc. In this way it also follows the constitutional right […]

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Facebook and Twitter help spread democracy

The state reply to the American ruling elite about a short term protest acts of blissful youth contrary to the deceitful elections enjoy a marketing such as for example the ones conducted Facebook, either Google or even Twitter. It appears to me the analysis of a brave reporter, that I, alas, tend not to belong, […]

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The history of cyber war

As you know, history in the modern world is largely a tool of information warfare. Do not avoid this share and a very short history of cyber warfare. For example, in the electronic journal “NATO review”, the article “the History of cyber attacks: a chronicle of the events” the history of cyber warfare begins with […]

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