A few ways to protect copyright Part 1

Learning platform prepared to work together with one correct Business Angel we decided to postpone the launch on the 1st of September to MVP was not in a very raw state.

Closer to launch, we will tell about the whole process of registration of our relations with investors and team members, describe how to solve problems and prepared project.

Before turning on combat mode, I’ll tell about a few interesting courses and authors, which we plan to work. Start with a fairly simple, but relevant material.

We will talk about the free course on the protection of intellectual property.

Len Smith (Len Smith) — the owner of the company Copywriting On Demand, a specialist in copyright, copywriting and sales network. Len Smith is a professional with 20 years of experience, coach’s sales for many startups as well as friend and partner the world’s largest companies. His clients include Vodafone, The Financing Leasing Association, Lloyds, and many others.

In his course “intellectual property Protection”, he reveals the basic techniques of defense and gives some interesting tips.

I’m going to ask see the preview and a few chapters from the course that have been revised by the author specifically and translated by our team. I have tried to choose the most interesting, and the course as a whole will be available on our platform for free.

I hope you will find useful information. I must stress again that all I have described is only my opinion and based on my personal experience in this field. And this information is practically useless for those who are legally savvy. But, as we know, such people are in practice very small. My class is only brief, but easily digestible course in the protection of your rights. I also use techniques that do not tell you any one legal company in the world.

Copyright protects the products of intellectual work: website content, software, movie, audio, articles, artistic or scientific work.

Copyright does not allow others to use the product of your creative work without your permission. It allows you to charge a fee for the privilege of using your product.


  • The idea (plot)
  • The pure facts
  • Everything that is not fixed (is in someone’s head, and not saved to storage media)
  • Short names: the names, titles, or marketing slogans

To protect your work by copyright does not need any long preparations, as in the case of a patent. You just have to save your work on any physical data carrier and to use the following signature after any of your work.

Copyright your name, date or your name, date. It would seem simple. But the flip side of the coin is that to prove your authorship is extremely difficult. I would like to share a few tips that may be useful to you.

Simple irrefutable proof

This system I ever predicted therefore, as it’s straightforward and performs in nearly every single corner of earth. Wherever there is certainly just a public article. Please be aware that the personal company won’t be as self-centered evidence.

You require the fresh fruit from the cognitive labor and define that the desirable logos freight safety, make reference to email to any info supplier, rather an even permanent, choose the envelope and deliver a note.

In your own envelope is going to likely be stamped from the mailroom from the very date.

This envelope will likely be definitive proof of one’s authorship at any part of the Earth, whilst suits to get your own robbery of intellectual land out of those internet sites usually takes decades.

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