Advices for the novice lawyer

The main organ of the American Association of lawyers today’s legal profession is not the most desirable for Americans. It lags far behind dozens of the most popular, and even not among the top fifty “best professions in the United States”, giving the position of manicurist, masseuse or mechanic repairman.

High stress level, slow progress on career ladder and other circumstances make a career as a lawyer less attractive a year in the list of the lawyers has moved from 31st to 51st place, despite the fact that money in a profession for many. So, in 2012, the average salary of the American lawyer was $113 530 per year (before taxes), and in the last two years, the market is only growing.

Nevertheless, thousands of applicants continue to prefer law schools. After the lucky ones get a coveted job in the company. It is here that the fun begins. How to become a real professional, to advance your career and to stand out among your colleagues? A former partner at a major American law firm Foster Pepper PLLC Grover Cleveland has released a book, “Swimming Lessons For Baby Sharks” in which he tells how to behave novice lawyer in the company.

Communicate with more experienced colleagues as well as with clients.

Task a beginning lawyer is to facilitate the work of his more experienced colleagues. If a beginner is going to build a relationship with them in the same way as with customers, this will help not only to make connections within the company, but also to acquire valuable customer service skills. For starters, you can learn to anticipate the needs of colleagues and to find where assistance is needed, not waiting until asked to do so.

Mentor should earn

Usually in the company of a beginning lawyer in control of more experienced staff. But if you want to these people really helped you become stronger as a specialist, I have to try. The best way to encourage others to help you in professional growth to demonstrate the good performance and willingness to learn. Most likely, if your potential teacher is going to believe that you will be able to make his life easier, he will gladly teach you how to cope with difficult work. To help in career growth your mentor even one correct strategy that will bear fruit.

Often say “Yes”

Even if you are overworked, don’t refuse from colleagues who come to you with a new assignment next time they can find someone more cooperative. But we should not take on everything at once, preferring quantity to quality. All you need is to learn how to bargain. Thank the colleague for what he decided to entrust the work for you, tell us what you are already in some projects, offer to start work on a new case within a few days often because of the time factor, the need to convey a project right for you disappears by itself. Find out which part of the work should be done immediately and what can wait. However, if we are talking about the colleague with whom you plan to work on gather your strength and try to get down to business without delay.

Do not talk

Possible, listening to office gossip, you can learn many useful things, but to dismiss them is not worth it. Your words must reach the defendant’s history and give you trouble. You should be careful with social media posts.

The avatar is unlikely to inspire confidence both of his colleagues and clients, but the ability to listen carefully and keep your mouth shut will only play in your favor.

You must see and not to hear

During meetings with clients it is better to keep quiet until you don’t even ask. At the initial stage of your career your aim is to learn, and the best you can do is to carefully study the nuances of issues of interest to the customer, to adopt methods of work of colleagues and to render them the feasible help. Often lawyers with little experience, you begin too much to tell the client the details of their issue, stuffing themselves. This is completely unnecessary and most likely will not help you win everyone’s respect. Needless to contradict a colleague in front of customer issues can be discussed with you privately after the meeting.

Communicate the rules

Do not neglect the formalities. In correspondence assume that everything you write will go directly to the customer. Most often, this is not happening, but it is unlikely that your colleagues will love to spend time correcting letters.

When drafting letters start with the greeting, write a clear and reasonable quote for all the applications in the body. And check whether you have written the name of the addressee.

Dress accordingly to the occasion

Most understand what it means to “dress appropriately for the occasion”. However, remember that part of your job is to be convincing, especially if, as you think, you look too young. To do this you must use all possible methods, and your appearance should only help in achieving the goal.

You may not look a million bucks but look like a man who takes his job a few hundred dollars per hour is a good idea.

Don’t go last

If you are still busy creating their own reputation, not to come first and not go past, it is unlikely this will help to impress the person on whom you can rely on. But if you are working around the clock can unobtrusively inform.

Discuss the issues personally

When you get assignments from colleagues, try to discuss the details personally. People are always more willing to interact with those who know not only by correspondence. In addition, personal discussion will help you better understand what is required of you.

The result is more important than time spent

To serve the working hours is only the minimum that is required of you. Focus on results, not on hours spent. Don’t be afraid to work more than your effort will not be wasted.

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