Agile, waterfall or out staff?

The programmer programs, the customer pays. What’s so complicated? Why should those contracts, if and so all is clear. Maybe in a perfect world, this would work, but in our turbulent everyday life is not so simple. For the normalization of relations between the company software developer enter into contracts which fix the arrangement on paper.

On the one hand, the most detailed contracts that foresee all possible situations that can occur during development and after it is good, but does it make sense to rewrite the codes in the contract? Moreover, the most detailed contracts sometimes forget about the key points. On the other hand, without a contract, or a contract on a napkin in case of conflict of interests in court will not be so easy for both sides. If you are interested in such disputes, in particular concerning developing web sites you can read our interesting article on this topic.


Well, this is understandable. Clear terms, precise, specific dates, specific amounts. What is this miracle agile contract? How is it possible to make a contract for the development methodology? Nonsense. Not really. The logic is still there. This agreement lays down the main leitmotifs of the ideas and concepts of agile development namely, the constant collaboration between the Customer and the Contractor.

Moreover, they are likely good partners than Client and contractor. And whether in the contract to paint all these user story, backlog, a retrospective Manifesto? I wonder how all it will look to the court if something. Agile contract legal realities, in any case, should be essential conditions of contracts of software development. The subject of the contract, price, terms and conditions to be determined by the parties as significant. All the detailed terms of communication between the Parties can be placed in the appropriate section “Interaction of the Parties”. The costing of a particular user story can also be painted, as well as the sprint stages within the overall duration of services.

These types of agreements are gaining increasing popularity among developers and customers, because quite often the development process is long and market conditions, under which created the product change. It is the adaptability to possible changes, continued cooperation and focus of both parties on the successful release of the product is the main advantage of agile contracts.

Out staff

Another variant of normalization can be out staff contract. In this case, the Customer receives a specific watch with specific specialists, which are described in the Contract. Such professionals provide services within the stated skills. At the same time, these professionals can coordinate Manager, which watches are also sold under outstep of the contract. This option is recommended for experienced Customers or those who have understanding in the field of software development, and accordingly, will be able to benefit from such algorithm.

In such contracts, the recorded number of hours of specific specialists, the cost of hours, depending on the specialization and skills of the persons engaged. Of course, all of this division contracts for development of software for contracts waterfall, agile contracts and outstep is fairly conventional. The key, in our view, the differences were listed above, and depending on the particular case and the substance of the relationships, you can choose the desired format. And more you can develop a mixed agreement, which will include elements of all three treaties.

In any case, it is important for the Customer to obtain the end result and all exclusive intellectual property rights to it.

It’s all the Customer wants to get clear cost and in a certain period of time. For the developer it is important to be clear and to define their duties and perform them to get paid, and not to specify in the contract that the Contractor cannot guarantee. Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg and in future and articles, we take a closer look at specific aspects of such contracts.

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