Articles reveal the topic of intellectual property

Patent Opposition Essentials

Most by submitting a resistance States have put in patent legislation an individual could state his resistance or contrary to a patent. Additionally, there are two kinds of resistance such as supply of patents: article grant resistance and pre-grant resistance. A resistance filed also an opposition submitted following the grant of a patent will be […]

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Copyright on the Internet Part 2

A service that can provide comprehensive, including legal aid. This portal was created with the support of the Federal Agency for press and mass communications, so it has quite official status. There’s a lot of information, if desired, to increase legal literacy, but I was primarily interested in the ability to protect the website and […]

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Copyright on the Internet Part 1

Today we will talk about such an important aspect as copyright and protection of intellectual property rights on the specific text of the website or the blog. Do not worry, below you do not expect a legal outing with confusing terms, we will only discuss some points in this direction from a practical point of […]

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How to register a copyright

Copyright problem every day gaining new momentum. Websites are blocked, deleted songs and movies from social networks, even copied the content from one public to another, you may be deprived group. Many artists still don’t know how to protect your work from illegal distribution. Folk recipe, send yourself a package with a disc and open […]

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A few ways to protect copyright Part 2

Influential Close Friend Within our modern society jurisdiction sometimes means significantly more than proof. If you’re dealing together with a big consumer, or you also experience an worker in Washington, their testimonies and encourage inside your company versus cyber offenders might be quite essential. At the use of a successful friend could possibly function as […]

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A few ways to protect copyright Part 1

Learning platform prepared to work together with one correct Business Angel we decided to postpone the launch on the 1st of September to MVP was not in a very raw state. Closer to launch, we will tell about the whole process of registration of our relations with investors and team members, describe how to solve […]

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How to Write a Review

Good reviews of books are intended for readers, to inform them about: Title, writer, publisher, publication date Content of the given book In which way it can be compared with similar publications What functions it takes as a book and why. In case you would like to produce a fine review paper, consider the information […]

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How not to violate copyright when you are using images?

The full question sounds like this: “I run a blog dedicated to contemporary art (illustration, photography). I plan in the future to earn income from your blog. Due to the fact that in my case you must use pictures, I’m interested in the following question: how not to violate copyright when using images? Can I […]

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