Different articles that cover other topics related to study of law

Legal tips for agricultural startups

The introduction of technology in agriculture has many features. Imagine farming, which have introduced technology for the monitoring of animals by implanting control chips in these animals during their birth. I think it’s fantastic? Not really. Let’s analyze legal aspects arise. The implementation of technology in organics: Not violated legislation relating to the protection of animals […]

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Agile, waterfall or out staff?

The programmer programs, the customer pays. What’s so complicated? Why should those contracts, if and so all is clear. Maybe in a perfect world, this would work, but in our turbulent everyday life is not so simple. For the normalization of relations between the company software developer enter into contracts which fix the arrangement on paper. […]

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The structure of public offer

Creating a website/platform/mobile app, most founders understand what activities and work with the users is necessary to regulate and it requires a certain document. However, it is not always clear what such a document should be discussed. What should be in the public offer? Conventionally, we highlight the nine sections but, in practice, depending on […]

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Ed Tech and legal aspects

Instruments Here also raises a number of questions that need answers before you start this project: Any requirements of confidentiality must be observed? What is the responsibility for the observance of the advice received at communication? How to protect users from abuse, inappropriate content of character? What responsibility will be incurred by the company in […]

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Facebook and Twitter help spread democracy

The state reply to the American ruling elite about a short term protest acts of blissful youth contrary to the deceitful elections enjoy a marketing such as for example the ones conducted Facebook, either Google or even Twitter. It appears to me the analysis of a brave reporter, that I, alas, tend not to belong, […]

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Writing MBA Essays: Useful Guidelines

Do not forget that all essays have to be completely original, so start writing from scratch.  There exist only a few business schools that can ask the same questions in comparison with all other schools. Of course, you can reapply your thoughts and themes from essay to essay but you have to make an outline concerning […]

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What is “Smart contracts”?

The word “Smart contracts” has been launched by Nick Szabo, who in 1996 discovered a decent or “sensible” arrangement a group of vows at digital kind, containing protocols where the potions will accomplish their additional vows. We could express that we’re referring to resolution of their connections of their celebrations by mending their expressed will […]

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