Copyright on the Internet Part 1

Today we will talk about such an important aspect as copyright and protection of intellectual property rights on the specific text of the website or the blog. Do not worry, below you do not expect a legal outing with confusing terms, we will only discuss some points in this direction from a practical point of view.

I think all publishers will support me in the sense that the situation with execution of the International norms of Copyright very badly, at least relative to ordinary workers, especially on the Internet, and scream about this loudly. Sadly to realize, but the efforts of the largest search engines in the first place Google, is clearly insufficient to protect properly from copy paste creations of the same bloggers.

But it is the search engines first need to be interested to the page with relevant and unique text would have adorned the TOP issue, and not different kinds of works of plagiarism. In fact, it turns out that the webmaster put a lot of forces and their time creating the texts for the people, and unfit very often a single motion deprived them of this opportunity.

Of course, some capabilities in order to defend copyrights exist. For example, the identification of web sites by means of anti-plagiarism (check here about the uniqueness of the text in the online services, and here about checking the articles for plagiarism using the best programs), but, again, I would like to be more active in the implementation of effective means to ensure protection of authorship from Google.

First, we note for yourself what opportunities we have to protect copyright on the Internet was the most effective. I must say that many people confuse the words Copyright and copywriting (or the copywriter), considering them cognate. In fact, it is not so, and these concepts are totally different meaning. Those who are a little bit versed in spelling and grammar of the English language will not let me lie.

The fact that the word copy has not only several meanings but also can act as two different parts of speech: the noun and the verb. In the complex word copyright means copy part of the copy, the manuscript, and right.

The word copywriting is a result of combination of the same copy (manuscript) + writing (from the English write). These words sound almost the same, right and write and, most importantly, transcription the spellings are identical, hence the confusion. In the result we find out that copywriting is nothing more than the writing process, and derived the copywriter the person writing the article. This concept is very often used in relation to exchanges.

For completeness, I will say more about the meaning of copy paste, which is, along with spam, probably the most hated for webmasters promoting white and fluffy projects. Here it is just copy the word acts as a verb means to copy, and the concept of paste. So here’s a word to describe uncomplicated steps thieves of someone else’s text copy paste (copy and paste).

This was the lesson of the English language was, so to speak, in the course of the play, just wanted to clear up some dark spots in the popular concepts to the uninitiated. I hope you me for it is not offended. Now back to our sheep.

The very concept of copyright originated a very long time and was initially intended to protect writers whose works are often shamelessly appropriated mediocrity. Over time, this term has spread to artists, cultural figures, and later the works of electronic industry. And by default, at the present stage there is a rule that once a work is published, in this case the blog article, it is instantly associated with the author and is his property.

On the one hand it is a good idea. Well, on the other hand, if your article was stolen and published its first crook? Go then prove that you not a camel, because the publication date has not been canceled. It is very hard in this case to restore the status quo and prove that you are the author.

It is therefore very important to ensure that indexing of pages passed in the shortest possible time. Of course, to achieve this with a young project is almost impossible, but for Mature resources is a very feasible task. Fast indexing will significantly complicate the life.

But who most often is attacked by unscrupulous leaders? Yes, most defenseless part of the webmasters, owners of brand new resources because, to steal from them the text, and all the content does not appear to be an insoluble problem. This happens because the young web sites and blogs are indexed very slowly at first, especially Google. As a result of their articles end up online at some unscrupulous online masters and quietly pass to the TOP.

But among the beginners there are very talented in their field people who decided to create a website, but because their material is extremely useful, and fraudsters take advantage of this. What we can take to protect their intellectual property, which, of course, can be considered the content of the website (here what is the content)?

Of course, leverage these fans to profit at the expense of others are available. For example, the same law of any civilized state, which necessarily includes the items in the definition of intellectual property, including the judicial system, which comes into effect at some stage.

However, let’s look at this situation from a different angle and see what we come up with from a practical point of view. We, I mean regular webmasters, and bloggers. The majority of all Internet figures are subject to the jurisdiction of laws, and this system is very cumbersome to solve the problems of such an important aspect as proof of authorship, and requires enough time, and sometimes even money, which is unacceptable.

Of course, major projects and Internet businessmen who have to their credit competent lawyers and a strong administrative resource, and take this opportunity. Therefore, theoretically, it’s supposed to work, but not for all. Alas. Again, on the face of the inequality. In this sense, a model can be considered as the judicial system of the United States, for example, where the prerogative of authorship put at the head of the corner, where a problem like copyright infringement, including the Internet, is solved much faster.

In the history of my work with there were a few cases of content theft and subsequent publication of my articles on other sites. Part of the problem has been solved where by persuasion and where through a certain pressure, I managed to achieve removal of my materials from these web sites. But it is clear that this can happen again and again, especially with the development of your blog, such cases can occur exponentially.

Therefore, choosing relatively free time, I decided to attend to find the optimal solution for ensuring the security of the content. To be honest, absolute and iron version I could not find, but to say that the time spent in vain, I can’t either, because the search yielded information that may be useful in the future. But about all under the order.

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