Copyright on the Internet Part 2

A service that can provide comprehensive, including legal aid. This portal was created with the support of the Federal Agency for press and mass communications, so it has quite official status. There’s a lot of information, if desired, to increase legal literacy, but I was primarily interested in the ability to protect the website and its content, and that’s what I found in this context on this page.

If you go on the proposed link, before the description of the notorious “8 steps” you can see with a small preamble, which underlines the fact that only legislated intellectual property rights can provide you guaranteed legal protection:

The trouble is that for this set of measures to ensure the protection of authorship will have to pay quite a tidy sum. But this is understandable, because for everything in this life comes at a price. Therefore, this method is more suited to those whose project is already quite popular and brings in decent income. However, this information could potentially be useful. That’s what I meant when I said above that it has the ability to help in the future.

Carefully read the text located above the screenshot. It says that the impure into the hands of a fraudster can easily steal your designs and arrange them on a legal basis. In this case, your copyright does not play any role. By the way, this confirms the Law, which explicitly focuses on this:

The term “presumption of authorship” is akin to the concept of “presumption of innocence”. That is, other things being equal, that the judicial authorities must prove the guilt of the perpetrator, and not in conflict with the law his innocence. In the same way and issued in a lawful manner the authorship does not have to prove that he is the author and he owns the copyright. And they may well be the same who stole your article and published it before you. So then here. Here we have the costs of the legislation and democratic society, nothing can be done.

But let’s continue. Since the obtained information could not yet bring benefit to the common webmasters whose websites and blogs are still in the infancy, go ahead. Here and move on to the simple steps, which are very simple, does not take much time and, most importantly, absolutely free, therefore suited us perfectly.

Sign of copyright, user agreement and banner of protection on the website. On the same portal page on protection website at the top of this, simple steps that can be implemented for legalization of the sign the copyright of the project and its content. Of course, they will not provide such security, as the whole complex of measures, but still have some pressure on fans to rake up the fire proxy.

Let’s go bottom up picture, so it will be easier. I think that the copyright (symbol Latin capital letter C circled by a circle) is known not only for the owners of information resources, but almost all users. The copyright symbol informs on the current author of the intellectual property and is part of the copyright line, which by conventional standards is.

First there is the copyright symbol, then the name of the project or the name of the author followed by the year of publication of the first article or the period of the publication of this web resource. Then you can put a brief message about the rules of use of materials the web site (for example, marking the mandatory affixing of the indexed reference to the source). In General, this is your prerogative.

In the overwhelming number of cases, this string is inserted into the footer (the basement) for reasons of design, the familiarity of perception and maintain the usability of the site. If you have a blog installed WordPress theme (here on the structure of the file system and WordPress templates), then this line should be placed in the file.

Well, I was just in case of fire, they say, cause they don’t know those prepared without such additives. But, even if you once purchased any topic without inscription of authorship, insert it into the template footer is not a difficulty.

Now a little fact about the icon, the process of insertion which has a caveat. The easiest way to display is to press the Alt key and hold to dial sequentially 0169 on the numeric keypad located to the right. But for self-respecting webmaster, this method is unacceptable because it needs to follow the rules of HTML markup and use to denote special characters with special signs, so the icon copyright should be correctly written as follows:

Go ahead. In addition to this, you can add a user agreement for the resource, which is intended to regulate relations with the readers who visit your site and tell them the terms of use of materials. For ordinary law abiding users there’s nothing to make their lives more difficult. But the ardor it might be cool.

Even the existence of such an agreement may cause some fluctuations, but if bear more and link to a well-known portal even the most frisky of them, it can stop the unlawful actions. After all, it is not known whether hanging the agreement you have on the web site just or you have taken more radical steps to protect their content. In any case, it is superfluous will not be exact. For example, I created a blog on a separate page and put a link to the User agreement next to the copyright line.

By the way, this agreement may choose to copy or even download (link to download is also available) and place on your web site. Moreover, it is not forbidden to edit the text at will and taking into account the specifics of your project.

Well, the last step in the protection of authorship, which I would like to tell you is the installation of the banner of protection to the site. Click on the appropriate link and copy the banner code by selecting from a range of options. The result will be something like this:

In conclusion, I wish you, dear readers, success in the fight with fans of easy money. I hope that the proposed material will help. Also waiting for your sensible and informative comments that can Supplement this publication to the benefit of all.

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