Ed Tech and legal aspects


Here also raises a number of questions that need answers before you start this project:

  • Any requirements of confidentiality must be observed?
  • What is the responsibility for the observance of the advice received at communication?
  • How to protect users from abuse, inappropriate content of character?
  • What responsibility will be incurred by the company in the event that will hurt the feelings of users?

There are many actions that are not directly part of the educational process, however, represent an important auxiliary component. For example, a search of plagiarism in students work for setting correct and fair assessment.

The technology of face recognition which allow to confirm the execution of task a particular person online. This allows not only to obtain information online but also go through certain checks to obtain a certificate.

Training bots

Bots are already everywhere. In social networks and messenger, sites. We also developed a small bot that could be an assistant in the study of legal aspects in the field of it.

Bots have their own algorithm by which users have the opportunity not only to gain knowledge, but to test drive new skills automatically.

These bots have their own characteristics in interaction with the platforms on which they reside, in the handling of information received in the course of their interaction with users (sometimes including personal and confidential) and a number of other features that are conditioned by the specifics of the bot.

Legal aspects

All the nuances that may arise in the field of educational tech it is impossible to describe and foresee. In any case, you need to understand that education is international, international. Most (almost all) educational startups oriented towards the global market. This, in turn, is fraught with many legal aspects that must be considered in order to elegant the idea is not tripped up by a simple (and not) formalities and a legal.

It is important to keep in mind the way the monetization of the company and to consider legal options for the selected method of monetization. Not always so simple as it seems at the first glance.

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