How to register a copyright

Copyright problem every day gaining new momentum. Websites are blocked, deleted songs and movies from social networks, even copied the content from one public to another, you may be deprived group. Many artists still don’t know how to protect your work from illegal distribution.

Folk recipe, send yourself a package with a disc and open it up on the court, proving your authorship – it sounds too romantic. Especially this recipe works if you want to prove his authorship of the American companies, such as YouTube or SoundCloud. So I suggest once and for all this way to forget and not take it seriously. And to think about obtaining an ISRC code for each song and a UPC code for the album / single etc.

UPC or Universal Product Code (universal product code) American standard bar code that is designed for tracking items in stores. UPC was developed in 1973 by George Joseph Laurer, who worked as an engineer at IBM.

So how to confirm their copyright and get the right codes? The easiest and fastest way is to contact companies distributors. With them, you can not only get the necessary code and upload your music to electronic storefronts (iTunes, Google Play, etc.) and earn money.

How to start selling your music

Musicians, who fear that they will one day take on a bigger label and they will lose the spirit of independence, it will allow manages their Affairs themselves. You will not believe it, but it’s quite easy, just try and you will succeed. The musician will be able to manage their copyrights and to place their music on iTunes or Google Play, to sales reports and much more.

How the distributors work? A company that is an intermediary between the artist and Internet music directory. After creating your account on one of the sites of distributors, you will be able to choose different options of cooperation, which includes different payment methods. So with the help of these services you can get ISRC and UPC codes, paid or free. These codes are assigned on all the time, until the time of copyright (70 years after the author’s death) and using them, you will be able to defend their copyright.

Probably, the largest and leading distributor (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, YouTube and so on). This service is used by the major labels and famous artists. Passes through them, the largest turnover of sales and payments. As is the distribution of video clips. Widgets for social networking, collecting email addresses of fans in exchange for free jump tracks for future broadcast fan base.

There are two ways to access the “Music Distribution” and “Music Publishing Administration”. With this, you will own 100% copyright rights and get 100% profit from your sales. Music is automatically loaded into more than 150 digital stores.

Music Publishing Administration. This option is more suitable for labels. Pay $75 and get unlimited downloads. You will receive quarterly reports and additional features, which is a lot. More details you can find on the site.

The network has a lot of promotional codes that will save up to 50% of your money. Earned money appear on PayPal or cashier’s check.

The service originates in 1998 in the garage of Portland, Oregon. The company paid more than $250 million to artists. More than 300 thousand artists (about 400 million albums and 3 million tracks) sell their music using this service. Unlike the previous service, it has no annual fees, the album will cost $49, and the single at $9.95. But for will need to pay separately $20 per album and $5 per single. Service sales takes 9%, the artist is 91%. So, using to sell CDs and vinyl. $4 from the sale of a single disc/vinyl service takes, the price of the CD, you can set your. Payments to PayPal or Bank.

The German company, which in its interface supports language. For the activation of the account will need to pay 9.90 euros. Publication, regardless of the type and selection of the store of 2.36 euros. Monthly and annual plat no. But the service takes 20% from sales, you go the remaining 80%. Withdrawal to PayPal only Bank account.

The service provides free ISRC codes for your tracks, detailed monthly sales reports. Adding new stores when you want, the ability to pre-order. The service has three options for dealing with it. Such sites unlimited, each one can allocate these benefits. Write in comments your questions and offer your topics that interest you!

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