In which country is better to study a law?

An article about the pros and cons of legal education in different countries of the world. Law is a popular direction in international education. A large number of future lawyers aspire to go to prestigious universities abroad, to obtain deep knowledge in law and a diploma on higher education of international standard.

If you decide to study law abroad, do not forget that each country has its own characteristics of teaching that need to be considered when choosing the place of study. In this article, you will learn about how law is taught in Australia, New Zealand, England and the united states, and will be able to decide for yourself the knowledge gained in some of the country most likely to meet your expectations.

Law in Australia

In Australia there are 32 university where you can study law and get a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate in law. Graduates of law schools of Australia are highly regarded around the world for several reasons.

First, in this country you can get really deep and fundamental knowledge of jurisprudence. Secondly, in the process of learning focus is on mastering not only with local regulations but also on the study of international law. And finally, Australia universities give out diplomas of the international sample. All this allows graduates of law schools of Australia to work successfully around the world.

Universities Australia is diverse in its traditions, history and methods of teaching. Here you can enroll in a traditional university with well-established routines and can choose one of the relatively new law schools that offer a modern approach to the learning process and actively use new methods.

Regardless of what university you choose to study law at the bachelor degree will take 3 years, during which you will learn about the fundamental principles of law, will receive practical skills, theoretical knowledge and experience of participation in trials, learn legal ethics and understand the role of law in modern society.

Law in New Zealand

Like Australia, New Zealand delighted to host in their institutions for foreign students, and right here you can study in 9 major universities, some of them were founded in the 19th century, legendary history, and centuries-old traditions. Unlike many countries, the study of law in universities of New Zealand begins with the first of the year, i.e. you can go to university after school, not having higher education, and immediately begin to study law.

For those who already have a university legal education in local universities provide master degree programs and doctoral studies in law. A distinctive feature of the programs for the study of law in New Zealand is that here, you can explore not only fundamental right but also to specialize in sports law, the law of mass media, computer law, and other areas.

In addition, the universities in New Zealand, students can combine the study of law with the study of other disciplines and to obtain a bachelor’s degree in two areas, in this case, the training will last 5 instead of the 4 standard years.

The law in England

As you know, British education is famous worldwide, and its alumni are accepted to prestigious positions in dozens of countries. The study of law as one of the fundamental sciences, is widely developed in England and today there are more than 200 programs for the study of law, and such programs offer as the oldest England universities, and the young emerging universities.

So, if you decided to study law in England, in front of you opens a wide range of educational institutions and educational programs.

As in New Zealand, in England you need to have a legal education for admission to the university and study law. Here you can get bachelor, master or doctor, and also go through special programs of specialization and advanced training, the minimum duration is 1 year.

Standard study in the bachelor takes 4 years and can be combined with the study of business, economics, politics, engineering or foreign languages. In addition, for graduates there is a wide range of internships and specialized in a particular field of law courses, which help students of the English universities to strengthen their knowledge and get experience in the international legal arena.

Jurisprudence in the US

To study law with the united states, as in English, a very prestigious, however, the local system of teaching law has its own peculiarities that must be considered. In contrast to the above countries where to applying to law school only requires a high school diploma, American law schools offer only the doctorate in law to receive the degree of juris doctor (j. D.), It is also possible to obtain a master’s degree of law, but after the degree j. D.

Thus, for admission to any American law school required diploma, bachelor’s degree in any field, which may not be in contact with the legal disciplines.

Trained in law school in America the last 3 years, with each year of study has its own peculiarities, and for the entire period of education a student attains all possible theoretical and practical aspects of jurisprudence. It is important to remember that each us state has its own system of legislation that affects and rules instituted at law schools based on their location.

Another feature of the American legal education is that degree j. D. Is not enough to start legal practice. If after graduation, the lawyer plans to stay and work in the US. He must apply for the beginning of legal practice and pass a state test legal professional to prove their qualifications.

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