The history of cyber war

As you know, history in the modern world is largely a tool of information warfare. Do not avoid this share and a very short history of cyber warfare. For example, in the electronic journal “NATO review”, the article “the History of cyber attacks: a chronicle of the events” the history of cyber warfare begins with the alleged in April 2007 attack on Estonian government websites and networks by unknown foreign intruders. The second key event of cyber warfare magazine considers breaking and scraping of the foreign intruders Internet networks in Georgia in August 2008.

Thus, in the first and second cases, regardless of their reality were attacks, not related to the disruption of critical infrastructure networks and facilities. In this sense, a clear understanding of cyber warfare as the impact of cyberspace on material objects, the network system is extremely important.

Based on this, most experts believe that the established use cases of cyber weapons, i.e. cyberwarfare, associated with the activities of the United States and Israel. But in terms of cyber espionage undoubted superiority holds China.

The first documented use of cyber weapons during large-scale military action involves the use of programs that block the Syrian air defense and electronic intelligence during the so-called operation “Olive” in 2008

Large-scale use of cyber weapons for the first time took place according to “Kaspersky Lab” in Iran in 2010, In contrast to the conventional malicious programs running in the popular operating systems that have been applied against Iran, the Stuxnet virus was specifically created for penetration into the automated system, control a particular type of equipment associated with a specific process flows in the nuclear industry. Initially no one took responsibility for the creation and use of this virus, however, not so long ago, American officials confirmed that he had already created the NSA with the participation of Israeli companies to counter the Iranian nuclear program. More complex, multicomponent military program was applied by the Americans and the Israelis against oil terminals and refineries of Iran.

In addition, there were cases of the use of computer viruses to disable SCADA systems, the largest Saudi oil and Qatari gas companies.

A serious lesson a brief history of cyberwar is the fact that some countries quickly realized that cyber weapons are cheap and effective way of countering the high-tech weapons. A typical example of the use of cyber weapons is the intercept of the control system of the latest American drone, and its forced landing in Iran.

According the leading companies in the field of information security in the last year or two there is literally escalating cyberwar capabilities. In recent years it has been discovered of these multifunctional surveillance software, espionage and delivery of combat viruses like Flame and Jaiss. Supported by major experts from very different countries, the difference between Stuxnet and discovered a new multifunctional programs cyberwar is about the same as between ordinary destroyer and the most advanced aircraft carrier.

An example of cyberwar is the fact that according to press and separate the fragmentary statements of officials on these and other types of cyber arms in the form of targeted viruses and multifunctional programs directly worked by private companies, and sometimes even groups hired hackers. Such an approach fully corresponds to, for example, U.S. active attraction of private companies to perform functions within military and intelligence structures. This tactic allows States from acts of cyber aggression and cyber terrorism. In this context, suggestive of the facts that emerged in the scandal with Snowden. For example, it was found that, at the NSA to 70% not only research, but also ongoing operational work is performed by private contractors. According to reports the same pattern of character for Britain, Israel and several other countries.

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