Top universities in Europe

Every year on the eve of spring for many of our customers has become an urgent problem of choice of University for their children. Traditionally the best place for higher education are developed European countries.

In the UK, Austria, Switzerland the oldest universities in the world, the diplomas of which are listed as high as possible. To help you choose, we have studied the latest rankings of world universities.

All schools offer special adaptive programs, language courses. You can define them on the child now, so it is better prepared for the admission. And parents are kindly requested to solve another problem getting a residence permit or citizenship in Europe, so you do not limit yourself to communicate with children, and they are felt in another country as home.

University of Cambridge

Universities in the UK is clearly the choice of successful people. In the Academic ranking of world universities in 2015 (ARWU) among the leaders allocated the University of Cambridge, founded in the XIV century. And in Britain it is recognized by the University No. 1.

The most in demand medical professions, as well as business faculties: management, Economics, Finance, political science. Girls often go to study design and art history. Graduates usually do not have problems with employment in all large international companies.

The cost of education

Averaging 8-9 thousand pounds a year. Additionally, students once a year to pay University fee 4,4-5,2 thousand pounds.


Documents should be submitted not later than October 15, a reception by the system of UCAS. Applicant passes the interview in the admissions office and provides results at A-level, as well as a certificate of proficiency in English (GCSE-C, IELTS 6-7, TOEFL 600/250). Interviews are held from September to December.

The schedule of study

The first semester lasts from October to December. And the second from January to March, and the third from April to June.

Is it possible to make a British residence permit?

To obtain a residence permit in the UK must participate in the state program for investors. Investment in the British company in the amount of from 2 to 10 million pounds give you the right just 8 weeks to issue a residence permit in the most prestigious European country.

University of Oxford

The oldest University in Europe considered by the University No. 2 in the Old world. If you want your child to have the best possible quality higher education in England, this is one of the best options. Graduates of the University of Oxford was 25 British Prime Ministers, as well as Margaret Thatcher.

Training in political science, Economics and international relations is one of the best in Europe. 20 of the 100 largest businesses in the world control the people working with the Oxford diplomas. Thousands of well-known politicians had graduated from this University. Girls are attracted to studying here the history of art, fashion, design.

The cost of education

13-15 thousand pounds Psychology, Sociology, Design, Culture and art

18-25 thousand – specialty business, Management, Finance, Computer technology

30-32 thousand medical specialty

Living expenses

In an average month in Oxford, taking into account University fees will cost 1 thousand pounds.

The application is available until October 15, and exam results announce in the middle of next year. You can apply now via UCAS, the British portal. Applicants have to pass qualification A-Levels or International Baccalaureate (IB), as well as excellent knowledge of the English language (IELTS 7.0, TOEFL 110).

The schedule of study

The academic year begins in October and is divided into three trimester. Study at the bachelor takes 3-4 years, master’s degree 1 year.

University College London

Another elite British University, which regularly make the Top 5 of Europe. In 1826, he became the first University of London, and is now included in the “Golden triangle” of elite universities in the UK. Notable alumni include Mahatma Gandhi, inventor of the telephone Alexander Graham bell, the author of “Interstellar” by Christopher Nolan.

Prestigious specialty

The College is famous for its medical specialties and practice in the leading clinics of the world. Also here is extremely developed work with nanotechnology. The leaders of many companies, which specialize in high technology, came from here. Great attention is paid to the latest in the fields of energy and management of natural resources.

The cost of education

12-15 thousand pounds the study of art, Economics, mathematics

15-17 thousand engineering, psychology

17-20 thousand specialties Architecture, Design

from 30 thousand medical specialty

Living expenses

On average, students are subject to all University fees spend per year from 6 to 12 thousand pounds.


Applications are accepted in the system of UCAS from January 15 to October 15. The applicant required the certificate of secondary education (IB, GCSE, A-level). The level of knowledge of English should be IELTS 6.5-7.0

The schedule of study

In College the academic year is divided into 3 terms. First: from late September to mid December. Second: from mid January to late March. Third: from late April to mid June.

University of Vienna

State University of Vienna a great opportunity to give a child a quality and modern education in Europe. Educated in the XIV century (last year it celebrated its 650th anniversary), he still remains one of the most prestigious. He constantly ranks among the best business schools in the world and is in 16th place in the list of the MBA. Its alumni is a business and financial elite.

Prestigious specialty

Another horse of the University of Vienna law. The law faculty is considered the strongest in Europe. If you want your child to achieve maximum results in the legal arena, Vienna your choice. No less popular and the faculty of Economics. Girls will be interested in some of the best in Europe study programs of culture and art.

The cost of education

The vast majority of faculties of education during the semester, worth 750 euros, which is relatively inexpensive.

Living expenses

The advantages of the University of Vienna low cost of living. It is 2-2,5 thousand euros for 10 months of the academic year.


Applications for bachelor available until 5 September. Pre-registration is carried out on the Internet. Further, the University will need either an original high school diploma, or a notarized copy. Must demonstrate knowledge of German at level B2. If the course is taught in English his touch the same requirements.

The schedule of study

The academic year includes a winter (from 1 October) and spring (1 March) semesters. The bachelor study takes three years, to master two.

Is it difficult to obtain an Austrian residence permit?

Registration of official status under the investment program here is really quite complicated. The easiest way to obtain a residence permit in Austria financially independent persons. To do this, confirm the income of 2 thousand euros and a Bank account to 20 thousand adult and 10 per child. To get the maximum chance to get into the quota, it is better to consult specialists in the area of migration.

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