What you need to know to be a good lawyer?

What you need to know and be able to a lawyer? I’ll try to answer this difficult philosophical question. It is terrible when a lawyer is illiterate in writing, expresses his thoughts. Neglect of the rules of the English language can distort the text in any document. In my memory it was the case when two major plant entered into a supplemental agreement to the contract, it is so incorrectly formulated the text of the document that sued then for two years.

Logical thinking

The lawyer need logical thinking, I would even say mathematical and diagrammatic reasoning. Often lawyers do not have the elementary rules of logic. Never argue with these lawyers, it is useless and futile. In court, such farmers usually look weak.

Often, future lawyers, the question arises whether mathematics is a lawyer? A popular answer to this question is: no. But personally, I think that any lawyer should have mathematical, analytical thinking.

Any lawyer need to have Outlook. I believe that subjects such as social studies and history should contribute to the development of knowledge of a future lawyer in the Humanities.

Legal education

Certainly legal education comes first in the list of what you need in order to become a good lawyer. But if you have no logical understanding, and you do not speak the language rules, it would be difficult to cover such weaknesses by training in a good school, although not ruling anything out.

Do not comfort yourself with the thought that a good lawyer can be trained in low quality Universities. If you want to become a good lawyer, you need to get an education in a good institution where there will be competent professionals to instruct you, and where there are young and promising lawyers with whom you will develop yourself. The more complex the competitive environment, the more you will learn.

Of course with the experience of some of the key laws lawyer will know almost by heart, but that comes with time.

For example, I am well-versed in the General provisions of civil legislation; procedural legislation, as often it is necessary to participate in court proceedings; in the electoral legislation, because they are engaged in legal support of election campaigns, and other issues that had to face. Someone in criminal legislation, legislation on consumer protection, and who, generally, writes complaints to the European court of human rights.

In the preparation of any document, I see I need standard materials, I know what and where I need to see. This is the ability of a lawyer to work with the law.

I once read an article about what a good lawyer should know the laws by heart. This is complete nonsense. There are always two approaches to learning: to memorize or to understand and formulate. I prefer the second option.

Critical thinking

The lawyer should be able to question any act, event, circumstance and be able to in the procedural order confirmation actions, events, circumstances.

Honesty and responsibility

I believe that a lawyer as a representative of the professional community of lawyers needs to be a decent person and to comply with certain corporate rules in relation to the client, their business and their colleagues.

Besides, you should understand the high degree of responsibility in their field and the possibility of adverse effects of irresponsible attitude to their profession. I hope my article answered the question that you need to know and be able to a novice lawyer, to become a good lawyer.

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