Writing MBA Essays: Useful Guidelines

Do not forget that all essays have to be completely original, so start writing from scratch.  There exist only a few business schools that can ask the same questions in comparison with all other schools. Of course, you can reapply your thoughts and themes from essay to essay but you have to make an outline concerning every single paper. All nuances between how all questions are phrased can make you go wrong. More often than not, one can be distracted because of various forms of expression from questions to questions. And keep in mind that admissions committee members can tell you for sure when the paper has been composed for some other school’s prompt; they are exactly aware of the fact what their peer programs expect. Your application essays may quickly find themselves in the reject pile when the admissions committee members think that you have not made all efforts to compose the paper according to the specified standards of their particular business school, for example it may be standards for IMD MBA essays. Therefore, it is extremely important to meet all initial instructions and recommendations of this or that school, which are compulsory when composing application papers. When those who usually read such essays will see that you have written the paper with observance of all necessary rules and conditions, they will likely recommend your candidature for the further interview or they can even accept you immediately.

Learn what to say before saying it. It means that you should resist the impulse of sitting down at the laptop and typing away. Instead of that, it will be better to spend some time thinking over all questions, and come up with a full statement, which is able to answer what the business school expects to hear. We even recommend you to build out a complete outline in order to capture all major points before penetrating into your rough copy. Always keep in mind that focus is one of the most important things. You can be surprised when you find out how many individuals spend 600 words speaking about that stuff and not responding directly to the questions stated.

Compose all papers and then revise them several times if needed. And beyond all doubt, you will need to revise your essays at least twice before submitting. At the same time, you have to plan several rough copies for every single paper. So, according to MBA essay tips, if you have three essays to compose, there should be about nine rough copies for all these papers:

  • The very first rough copy will only depict the whole story on a piece of paper.
  • It is possible and even necessary to rework and rearrange the rough copy in order to optimize the way your ideas are being voiced and assure yourself that all your thoughts can be understood by other people.
  • Do not forget to refine and polish the rough copy, mitigate the composition and look for blunders and typos if any.
  • At the same time, you may also feel a necessity to take some additional revision steps to reduce the paper to the stated word limits. As usual, it is absolutely okay to go overlimit just a bit, though remember that a bit does not mean that you can write 800 words instead of 600. So, in any way, students have to understand that the instructions concerning word limits exist for a good reason.

Of course, the given optimal procedure will work only in case you have clearly and concisely defined the strategy and major idea before composing essays and following MBA essay format.

You would like to know about the most significant step? It is the time when you are not engaged in composing the papers. Assure yourself that you will have a possibility to leave the room and lay your papers aside for some time, not thinking about them at all. The given method will provide you with a possibility to see all the blunders in the essay and comprehend how to improve them in case you leave the rough copy alone for the time being and after that get back to it again.

This is a reason we encourage you to start right now when due dates are not so tight. The strongest material needs to take a lot of time to be elaborated properly. Produce a strong and well-organized project plan in order to take you through several weeks from now till your school’s due date and you will be able to reduce the stress and improve the overall quality of the final version of the essays. All of us wish you good luck! By the way, when you feel that you do not have enough time to revise the papers in a proper way, then it is a possibility to address to MBA essay review service. All you need to do is to find one online like this:

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